How to turn an old personal computer or laptop into a powerful gaming system without upgrading “gland”?

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An interesting topic and always relevant - how to increase the speed of your computer, and is it possible to do it without updating “gland”? In the modern world, the race for time is becoming more and more interesting., everyone gets out as best they can. And the computer plays an important role here.. How can he infuriate with ridiculous brakes at a crucial moment! Of course, less worried about this question, who just works with office applications or the Internet. But if sometimes you have to use some resource-intensive applications such as video editors or modern games like Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), CONTROL, MINECRAFT RTX, RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2, ASSASSIN’S CREED ODYSSEY, METRO EXODUS, BATTLEFIELD V, CYBERPUNK 2077 etc. or travel the virtual worlds of Second Life, Sansar, Sinespace or Somnium Space at maximum settings, then you will find, what if your old horse still somehow coped with everyday tasks, now she is not at all “pulls”. Continue reading

In the metaverse Decentraland bought virtual real estate on $2,4 million

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V 2015 year two developers from Argentina launched a virtual universe on the blockchain - Decentraland (more details here). This is the metaverse, users of which can buy virtual lots and build objects on them. Who can then sell, rent and so on. In Decentraland, you can communicate with other users through a VR headset, it has its own internal cryptocurrency - MANA. The graphics are relatively simple.. Continue reading

Kessler's syndrome: how humanity can lose access to outer space

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«Столкновение спутников приведет к образованию орбитальных фрагментов, каждый из которых увеличит вероятность дальнейших столкновений, что приведет к разрастанию пояса обломков вокруг Земли».
"Collision of satellites will lead to the formation of orbital fragments, each of which will increase the likelihood of further collisions, which will lead to the growth of the debris belt around the Earth ".

Today, satellites and space stations can simply perform evasive maneuvers., if for them there is a threat of collision with space debris. But we are gradually getting closer to the scenario, in which humanity will be literally cut off from space due to a cascade of collisions of orbital debris with each other and with various technological objects. Continue reading

South Korea and UN to develop prototype floating city in case of flood

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В таком плавучем городе будущего люди смогут спастись от страшных катастроф, которые могут возникнуть в будущем из-за глобального потепления
In such a floating city of the future, people will be able to escape from terrible disasters., that may arise in the future due to global warming

South Korea to build prototype floating city with United Nations support. It will be equipped with all the necessary technology for complete self-sufficiency in case global climate catastrophe. Continue reading

The ruDALL-E neural network draws pictures from scratch according to their text description

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Так модель ruDALL-E XL видит название нашего сайта "Техномагия"
This is how the ruDALL-E XL model sees the name of our site “Technomagic”

At the beginning 2021 of the year Ilona Mask OpenAI presented DALL-E software - the developers were able to train the neural network to create images from short text signatures. Program, whose name has clear references to the surrealist artist Salvador Dali and the Wall-E character from the cartoon of the same name, is based on the GPT-3 text generator (Generative Pre-Training), which the company presented in 2020 year. Continue reading

Found a way to recognize spying cameras in hotel rooms and toilets with a regular smartphone

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Scientists have developed a method for finding hidden video cameras using an ordinary smartphone. A new technique called LAPD demonstrates efficiency at the level of 88,9% and the minimum level of false positives. Even specialized devices cannot boast of such a result.. Continue reading

Locations of the Week by Second Life Destination Guide 20.11.2021

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It's already the middle of November, and category "Winter attractions" gradually filled with beautiful snowy locations, which you can already explore. We will definitely tell you about them in December.. And today we offer you 8 new photogenic directions, not related to winter. Continue reading

China's exascale supercomputer finally buries the myth of Google's quantum supremacy

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On Friday, the oldest and largest international organization in the field of computers - the Association for Computing Machinery (DHW) — awarded the Gordon Bell Prize the development team of the Chinese supercomputer Oceanlite based on the new generation of Sunway chips (ShenWei). The Gordon Bell Prize is awarded annually for excellence in high performance computing. The Chinese deserve it for debunking the Google myth of quantum supremacy.. Continue reading

Locations of the Week by Second Life Destination Guide 13.11.2021

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На фото: Peak Lounge
In the photo: Peak Lounge

This week we want to highlight the recently completed category “Popular places”. If you want to chat and make friends, take a look at the most popular social sites in Second Life! Only places will be shown in this category, which are among the most visited social places in SL and are beginner friendly, so there are no script kickers here, as well as restrictions on payment information or maturity ratings. Teleport now and make friends! Continue reading

Help NASA make rovers smarter

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) USA invites everyone to help teach AI algorithm, capable of recognizing the features of the surface of Mars. To do this, you need to view the photographs of the Red Planet., sent by the rover Perseverance, and mark the features of the relief on them, which may be important when planning the rover's movements. Continue reading

Seoul may become the first metropolis in the metaverse

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Seoul Metropolitan Government announced, that the city will be the first metropolis in the metaverse. Project, tentatively titled Metaverse Seoul, provides for the creation of a virtual communication ecosystem for all divisions of the municipal administration, including economic, cultural, tourist, educational and civic services. Continue reading

Locations of the Week by Second Life Destination Guide 07.11.2021

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Halloween is over, and the Guide is already flooded with amazing winter destinations, but let's talk about them in more detail closer to December. Today we invite you to familiarize yourself with some important events, and there will also be some interesting places for role-playing games. As always, don't forget to check category "Recently added", to see all the latest additions to guide by directions Second Life! Continue reading

Beautiful “death” stars, like the sun

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NGC 2438 — это планетарная туманность, образовавшаяся после смерти звезды, похожей на Солнце.
NGC 2438 Is a planetary nebula, formed after the death of a star, like the sun.

Perhaps, this is how the neighborhood of our Sun will look like, when it reaches the red giant phase and sheds its shell. It's sad - but the nebula is beautiful.. Continue reading

US Army ordered laser weapons with power 300 kWh

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Мощный лазер, созданный американскими компаниями при поддержке военных, сможет сбивать самолеты и прожигать слои металла за секунды
Powerful laser, created by American companies with the support of the military, will be able to shoot down planes and burn through layers of metal in seconds

General Atomics and Boeing win a contract with the U.S. Army to prototype the most powerful distributed-gain laser weapon to date. It will be able to shoot down missiles and planes. Continue reading