SpeedLight Web Viewer

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SpeedLight is 100% web-based Second viewer which does not require any downloads. It can be used both in desktop and mobile browsers, allowing to switch between devices without logging out. SpeedLight is officially approved by Linden Lab! SpeedLight home page is here.

Supports multiple avatars (with a possibility to switch between them). Tested to work in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS.

SpeedLight Web Viewer

Regular viewer features:

  • Teleport to SLURLs and regions
  • View local map and nearby residents
  • Search for SL residents
  • Access local chat
  • Read and send IMs
  • View groups
  • Access group chat
  • Browse and manipulate inventory
  • Send inventory items to residents
  • Send money

Unique features:

  • Switch between devices (desktop, mobile) on the fly
  • Multi-avatar support
  • Keep avatars online while browser is closed
  • Access avatar from anywhere
  • View IMs history while avatar offline
  • Keep and view L$ transactions history

Feature roadmap

The shortlist of the features to be implemented soon:

  • Display names support
  • IM autoresponder
  • Home teleport

Complex features we are developing now:

  • 3D world view in a browser. Status: alpha; works but with no avatar support
  • Bulk IM delivery. Status: planned
  • Group notices: regular and scheduled. Status: alpha, the regular notices
  • Group chat moderation. Status: planned

If you feel there’s a feature exists you can not live without, contact us to push the development of the essential function and make SpeedLight even more efficient!

15 Jan 2020 UPDATE: SpeedLight Web Viewer now works in any browser! No download is required: just open this link and login to SL. You can use any device: pc on or Mac, or iOS phone and tablet. The avatar status is synchronized live. Welcome to SpeedLight, fully-functional and cool!

А здесь обзор SpeedLight Web Viewer на русском языке.

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Posted on 29.12.2019


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